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After receiving her doctorate from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, Dr. Infante relocated to the United States where she went on to pursue her Doctor of Dental Surgery License in the State of California. With this achievement and years of experience working with patients, Dr. Infante perfected her own style of artistic, expert and gentle dentistry.

Today, Dr. Infante owns and operates C.I. Dentistry serving the Greater Los Angeles and the Antelope Valley areas. She is among the leading dental professionals in Southern California; and the Antelope Valley is lucky to have her.

On a more personal note, Dr. Infante is married to Hector Hernandez, an actor and civil engineer. The couple has a daughter who is attending California State University. In her spare time, Dr. Infante enjoys reading, traveling, hiking and biking, as well as relentlessly learning to play the piano. She seriously enjoys Zumba dance exercising, and above all, she enjoys spending time with her large family of 13 siblings (see family photo on right). Dr. Infante never forgets where she came from, and credits her family as her inspiration for her success.

“My family inspired me and gave me the opportunity to become a dentist. In return, I try to provide the best dental care to my patients so they can achieve their own success.”

– Dr. Celia Infante Hernandez

About The Dentist

Dr. Celia Infante Hernandez (or Dr. Infante as her patients fondly call her) knew at a young age that she was meant to help others. As one of 13 siblings born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to hard-working dedicated parents who supported her altruistic passion, she began her relentless journey of pursuing a higher level of education, ultimately leading her to a career in dentistry.

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